Classical mechanics and electrodynamics

14 May 2004 I have left up some of the material I prepared for classical mechanics and electrodynamics courses taught by Prof. Weise at the TUM (many, many years ago!) in case it's of use to someone.

Question Sheet Solutions

Given that the question sheets are substantially re-used in subsequent semesters, I've removed the worked solutions that were available here, to help you avoid the temptation to…ahem…short-cut the valuable learning process that struggling to solve the questions provides. (Believe it or not, the question sheets are not some obscure form of torture dreamed up by bitter and twisted physics professors).

If anyone involved in teaching the courses is interested in obtaining the solutions, drop me an email. I have scanned copies for about half the mechanics question sheets and all the electrodynamics question sheets.

Recommended books

These books complement those recommended in the lectures1 1As far as I remember Jackson was recommended, along with some others I've now forgotten – 2016 , rather than replacing them. I recommend them as alternative references written in a less formal style, for when you're confused by the more formal approach (or just want to read more):


I started making a list of physical and mathematical vocabulary in both English and German:

If you have corrections or words you would like to see added, please email me.

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