Emailing me

Email address

I can be reached by email at, associated with this PGP key:

BB74 FB42 4C64 4CB7 3571  39AA A96F 4A67 4DC3 9B79

As of 2 August 2013, I transitioned from an old 1024-bit DSA key to this new 4096-bit RSA key. I will be signing all software releases with the new key. Please also use the new key for all correspondence. See the transition statement to certify the transition, and for more details.

Note that I use FLOSS spam-reduction software called TMDA to protect my addresses from junk-mail.

If you've never exchanged any email with me previously, you'll receive a message asking you to verify your email address. By simply replying to the message (literally just hit "Reply" then "Send"), your original message will be delivered. You'll only have to confirm your address once ever. All subsequent email from that address will be delivered directly.

Academic email

I don't generally use this email address for academic work. For academic-related email, you're better off using my university email address, which isn't protected by such stringent spam filters. It's easy enough to find my university email address online.

If you're an individual researcher, and you send academic-related email to this address, then as long you successfully navigate the anti-spam system your mail will still reach me and I'll read and respond to it. (Though I'll probably reply from my university email account.)

If you're an editor for a journal I've never previously published in, and you send a referee request to me at this address, then your request is very likely to get held in my anti-spam system and ignored. Even if it does get through, it will probably be silently ignored. I take a dim view of journals I have no previous association with sending referee requests to my personal email address, which they can only have found by googling my name, instead of having the common courtesy of looking up my proper academic affiliation and contact details. (They're really not very hard to find.)

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