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4.7 Completion Tooltip

Calling completion-show-tooltip when completing, bound to S-Down when completion-use-tooltip is enabled, displays a list of available completions in a tooltip. The completion-tooltip-cycle and completion-tooltip-cycle-backwards commands, bound to the down and up arrow keys, can then be used to select a completion from the list. The following variables affect the completion tooltip: The tooltip can also be displayed automatically when completing, optionally after a time-delay. See Auto-Show a List of Completions.

The number of seconds to display the tooltip. The tooltip is hidden automatically when it is no longer needed, but it is impossible to display a tooltip indefinitely in Emacs. The work-around is to set this to a very large value. Default is 86400.
A cons cell containing the number of pixels (an integer) by which to offset the tooltip by in the x and y directions (car and cdr, respectively).
The face to use in the tooltip. Only the :foreground, :background and :family attributes are actually used.