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5 To-Do

Things that still need to be implemented (in no particular order):

  1. There needs to be an eager-self overlay class, similar to the existing self class but updated immediately, rather than waiting for buffer modifications. This will be significantly less efficient, but is necessary for applications that require overlays to be up to date all the time, not just when the buffer is being modified.
  2. Currently, it's difficult to deal with nested class regexps for which the end regexps match some start regexps of interest but also others that are irrelevant. E.g. ‘{’ and ‘}’ in LaTeX when you're only interested in ‘\somecommand{start regexps. Or matching parens in LISP, when you're only interested in function bodies, say. The only solution is to include all start regexps, but not set any of their properties. This can end up creating a lot of overlays! A variant of the nested class that avoids this problem is needed.