LaTeX: Cleveref package

LaTeX: Cleveref package 27 March 2018 The Cleveref package (also available from CTAN) does clever things with cross-references:

  • automatic formatting of cross-references based on the type of object referred to (chapter, section, equation, theorem, etc.);
  • full control and customisation of the reference format;
  • cross-references and page references to multiple items;
  • automatic (optional) sorting and compression of multiple cross-references or page references;
  • optional output of a sed script that can strip out Cleveref commands and replace them with standard LaTeX, allowing Cleveref to be used e.g. in articles sent to journals or collaborators that don't (yet!) support Cleveref.

A number of other LaTeX packages provide similar features. Some are venerable enough to be documented in The LaTeX Companion, or even included in the standard LaTeX distribution itself. But all those that I've come across provide only a subset of the Cleveref features. (See the Introduction to the package documentation for some comparisons.)


Full documentation is available in a variety of formats, for download and viewing online. (Since the package is in DocTeX format, the source for the documentation is the same as the package itself.)

  • PDF file
  • Postscript file (gzipped)

Download and Installation

The latest release of the Cleveref package is version 0.21.4 (released March 2018).

Note that this is a pre-release version, which is a not currently available on CTAN, and should not (yet) be considered fully stable. Please report any issues or bugs that you encounter, and check back here periodically for updates. Note that the version number is only finally fixed once the version is uploaded to CTAN. Pre-release versions may be updated without any change to the version number. Compare package dates to see if you hav

LaTeX: Quantum package

LaTeX: Quantum package 2 October 2012 The Quantum package defines a number of commands and short-hands useful when writing about quantum mechanics, and quantum information theory in particular.

There is no separate documentation; read the package source to find out what commands it provides.

  • Quantum package

LaTeX: Authord package

LaTeX: Authord package 27 July 2012 Gives a complete solution to the problem of precedence in scientific pubication, in a way that Don Knuth would surely approve of.

  • Authord package
  • Authord documentation